Can the caller trace my real number ?

No, once you have a Number Cloak the caller will have no way of getting access to or tracing the actual number they are calling.

How long can I keep my number?

Once you have a number it can be yours for life, unless you decide to disconnect or the number is not called atleast once within a 6 month period, which is the minimum requirement we ask from each of the numbers we issue. Please note that this could be subject to change in light of any new Telecoms legislation or changes in our terms and conditions.

Can text (SMS) messages be sent to a Number Cloak?

Unfortunately text messages cannot be sent to an 070 prefix number, which is the prefix used for all Number Cloaks.

How do I report a fault?

Email info@NumberCloak.com

Is the service totally free?

Yes, the service is totally free to the owner of the Number Cloak, and there will be no billing or charges for any inbound calls.

Does the caller get charged?

Yes, the person making the call will be charged 50p per minute from a BT landline. Other networks may vary.

How quickly can a number be set up?

Extremely quickly. Once you have logged onto the website you can have your Number Cloak ready in a matter of seconds.

How quickly can a number be disconnected?

Disconnecting is just as quick as creating a Number Cloak, it can be done in moments.

Does the service have any restrictions?

The Service is subject to any restrictions or conditions stated on our website at the time you order. This service will not allow you to divert calls to any number beginning with the prefix 09.

Once I have a number do you offer any extra support?

We will be happy to assist you by telephone or email within our normal business hours Mon- Fri, 0900- 1700 hrs, if you have any problems with your number. Please acknowledge that we do not supply support services except to the extent specifically stated on our website.

How many Number Cloaks can I have?

Each user can have a maximum of 10 Number Cloaks per email at any one time. If you wish to obtain a new Number Cloak after reaching the limit, you will have to disconnect one of the previous 10 Number Cloaks first.

Will my mobile service be affected?

No, getting a Number Cloak does change the service you are currently receiving from your mobile network operator.

Is this service available outside of the United Kingdom?

Unfortunately, this service is only available in the United Kingdom at the moment.