About Us

Number Cloak

Number Cloak is a completely free service enabling you to instantly hide your mobile or landline number, by providing you with a secondary number (known as a Number Cloak), which diverts to your phone without the caller being aware. You are able to receive up to 10 Number Cloaks per e-mail address. If you want to change your Number Cloak, simply disconnect (using the Un-Cloak Me feature) and set up a new one


The concept was created when the founders realised that there were limited safe ways to give out personal details to people who you do not really know or to individuals who you do not actually want to see your real number, especially when using dating sites, social network sites or dealing with companies who pass on personal details.

The problem was most apparent when a friend of one of the founders felt worried when they were bombarded with calls from unknown individuals, after providing her mobile number on a dating site she had recently signed up to. She explained that she did expect some calls but not compared to the amount she actually received, and furthermore not from people she had not been in contact with on the site for a long period. This made her very reluctant to use dating sites in the future or handing her number out.

So we thought, there must be a safer, better way to provide a personal number online? Is there any way we could use a secondary number to cloak a phone number, but when the secondary number is called it is diverted to your mobile phone or landline without the caller being aware?

After some intensive research the answer was YES.

Great, but could we offer this service for FREE?

Again after some intensive research, YES we certainly could.

Could the virtual number be disconnected for free and a new one set up straight away if required?

You guessed it, YES!

Number Cloak was born.

Our Mission

'Safeguarding your number and protecting your privacy'

Number Cloak has an ambitious goal, to create large-scale awareness about the vulnerabilities involved in giving out your real phone number. Our aim is for Number Cloak to be a commonly owned and used asset in everyday life, when the situation is appropriate.

We envision that one day everybody will have a permanent or ever changing secondary number in their phone book, saved as Number Cloak.